The 13th year of the International Competition: 


The aim of the competition Talent Awards is giving a chance for every artist, sportman/sportwoman, photographer... Amateurs but also professionals. Males and females without limit of age and physical proportions. Amateurs and professionals have separated competition for justice. From every category we will know the winners, duo, trio or groups. In some categories there will be the main winners. TALENT AWARDS is a competition in Czech Republic but also for the other countries where is given an opportunity for choreographers, dancers, sportmen/women, artists, for lovers of culture, entertainment and adrenaline. It is the biggest project of competitions in Europe where are searched talents of many subjects and professions. The organizer of TALENT AWARDS does not give you any contracts after the competition. We make you a propaganda, not us, but you! We want to give you and to your coaches, teachers, choreographers... a new way for people and media to know about you. During and after the competition we will offer you to many actions, shows, presentations... to open to you a new life gate! You will recieve also very nice and valuable prizes from our sponsors. The winners belong to the name of their school where they learn or work, not to us! It is prohibited for the organizer - her team with the international net to take a part in their competition TALENT AWARDS. You only need a courage, a talent, an energy to win and to be famous in the international competition of large spectrum. If you have any question, do not hesitate and write to some of our e-mails to ask us for replying your answers!

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