Competition Rules of TALENT AWARDS - Category: Capoeira 

The organizer of the 13th year international competition TALENT AWARDS is a competition

President: Muna Al Muchantafová under protection the Professional Belly Dance School Muna.

1.  The competition is determined for age:

1.a to 18 years without health problems (male and female)

1.b from 18 years without age limit without health problems (male and female)

2.  Types of competition category for Capoeira in TALENT AWARDS – select of:

2.a Improvization Capoeira with music

2.b Practising 2.a with life music (own bend)

2.c Practising 2.a with music from CD (own CD)

Attention:Every competitior takes care of his health during the competition! Then the competitors must be careful not to injure the other The organizer does not take care of the competitors and their health.

3.  Presentation in Capoeira is only possible:

3.a duo

3.b group (maximum 8.persons in a group)

4.  Competition categories are divided into:

4.a amateurs

4.b professionals

5.  The competitor will send by e-mail official Application of professional practising this branch. Professional also means that you recieve money from practising this activity. If the competitor spoilt the facts and he or she takes a part in a category of amateur, he or she is obligated to the diskvalification penalty.

6.  The competition fee of Capoeira in TALENT AWARDS:

6.a 40 USD or 30 €

6.b Group: Every member pays the same fee 40 USD or 30 € per person

6.c If you take a part in more different disciplines of the competition TALENT AWARDS – you must pay fee in every category separately.

7.  How to pay the fee: On the Organizer bank count: IBAN form: CZ1701000000511854540267 BIC ( SWIFT address) – KOMBCZPPXXX. The registration paying code is your phone number which you write into the competition application! The fee has to be paid at least on 4, February 2020. If you pay later, you are not able to take a part in the competition.

8.  How to make a registration in the competition:

8.a You must send the application form on the organizer e-mail:

8.b You also must send in the same e-mail with the application, that you agree with using your personal data only for Talent Awards using, including the offers which represent you in many other shows. If you are a professional, you must also send an application of professionals. You must write which competition category did you choose.These documents is important to send by e-mail at least 31, January 2020 (to 11:59 PM). When you send the documents later, you are not able to take a part in the competition.

8.c You will wait until the confirmation of the organizer through e-mail.

8.d You will pay a competition fee on the bank count of the organizer.

8.e You will wait to other information about the competition of the organizer.

9.   It depends on the number of the competitors, how many of them will take a part in the competition of your category. It should be at least 10 comepetitors.

10.  The organizer of the competition Talent Awards has all rights reserved for changing or cancelling whole the competition during its lasting. Also it is prohibited from the side of the competitors to use a law way against the organizer of the competition.

11.  The organizer has a right for using diskvalification penalty against the competitor when he or she spoilt the facts which were by himself or by herself written in the application of the competition. Especially when the competitor spoilt information about the categories for amateurs and professionals. Or when the competitor defame the name of the organizer, his partnerships and sponsorships. The diskvalification penalty is: 50 USD or 40 €

12.  The exact places of the competition will be written through e-mail. The place of the final part of the competition - gala show will be also written on web sites:

13.  The condition of the competition is successful attending all the competition rounds.

14.  It is prohibited for the organizer - her team with the international net to take a part in their competition TALENT AWARDS.

15.  What is classify in the competition:

15.a the art impression

15.b the technical impression

15.c ability to make an entertaiment especially with combinations with music

16.  The organizer does not prepare the competitors for the competition.TALENT AWARDS is determined for help of schools, centres etc. Where you learn or work.

17.   Whole the fees round the competition as the competition fee, journey, food, accomodation... the competitor pays by himself.

18.    The beginning competition rounds are not public! The best competitors will go to the final round - gala show. You must fulfill whole the conditions written above.

19.   The beginning competition rounds which are not public will be classified by a professional jury from this profession and from similar branch. There will be also one person who is an amateur jury. Against the jury decision is not any repeal!

20.  The final round of the competition is public! It will be consisted of the best competitors of Capoeira. The winners will have a big medial publicity and the organizer of Talent Awards will give offers for the winners of partners for social activities, shows, performances ...

21.   The final round will be public for people a gala show where competitors will be nominated.