The 13th year of the international competition which searches talents from culture, sport and art.Determined for: Czech Republic, Slovakia, EU countries and for countries out of Europian Union. 

logo1 Talent Awards is one of the biggest Europian projects of competitions for dancers, sportman/women and for artists. The categories are devided for amateurs and for professionals separately. We are searching for talents of all ages and sex. This competition is interesting for its wideness of all schools, centres, clubs...

The aim of the competition Talent Awards is finding new talents to open them new chances in showbusiness. Whole the time of the competition and also after the end of the 13.year of competing, we will make a propaganda of the winners. We will offer them to many programs, shows, performances, exhibitions in our partnerships´ actions. We will advertise not only the winners, but also their coaches, choreographers, teachers ...

This competition is opend for all people and is justify. It is prohibited to the team of the organizer, her clients and school absolvents to take a part in this competition The competition will be led after care of a professional jury, where we find new faces and talents.

The President of the competition Talent Awards is a professional dancer and choreographer Muna Al Muchantafová.worldflag

The competition Talent Awards in organized under protection of its artist garant: Professional Belly Dance School Muna.

The categories for the 13. year of the competition Talent Awards:


Ballet Dance

Belly Dance


Country Dance



Latin Danceearth16

New Age Dance ( include: Hip Hop, R´n´B, Break Dance, Disco, Modern Dance )


Scenic Dance

Standard Dance

Step Dance

FIGHT ARTS:                     




Photo Acts

Photo Landscape

Photo Portrait

Photo Still Life

Photo Under Water


Playing the music instruments ( any music instrument or instruments you want, you can represent)

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